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A Powerful Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator App. Use this app with your smartphone to calculate the odds you need when you play some poker. A powerful tool when skillfully used: Improve in poker and be the winner.Pros:(+) Get Texas Hold'em Poker odds wherever you go with your smart phone. ( I.e. break even odds, pot odds, the probabilities for you to win, loose and tie in each round... ).(+) Designed for: Easy and rapid input. Rapid and accurate poker odds.(+) The poker odds are directly adjusted for the number of players you input: From 2 up to 10 players, (you included).(+) The simulation process, is displayed and runs until you choose to stop it. When stopped, you can choose to continue the simulation, or restart it from scratch again, (depends on the input you choose to do after each stop). In other words: You have full control.(+) Optionally add your bet size and the pot size to your input, and this app will add the following to the displayed output: () A rough advice in how you should act next in the game: 'Fold', 'call' or 'raise', (i.e. based on the displayed break even odds, the pot odds, and adjusted for the number of players). () A rough estimated maximum bet size you may choose to bet, (i.e based on your actual probability to win the pot, adjusted for the actual number of players, and the actual pot size).